12 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives


Have you ever played GeoGuessr? If not, you should definitely give it a try. The rules of the game are extremely simple; all you need to do is guess where in the world the app has put you. Sometimes, it’ll be obvious thanks to context clues, but at other times, you’re dropped into the rural wilderness with no idea where you could be. 

The fun comes in trying to sleuth out your location, and as you can imagine, it’s pretty much an infinitely rewarding gameplay loop, so to speak. Of course, GeoGuessr isn’t the only app to do this. Here are the 12 best GeoGuessr alternatives out there!

1. Hide and Seek World


As with most of the options on this list, Hide and Seek World is very similar to GeoGuessr, but with a twist. This one focuses more on multiplayer, so if you want to play GeoGuessr with your friends, this is where you should go. One player chooses somewhere in the world to hide, and the other players must guess where they have gone. It’s a solid iteration on the formula.

2. PlayGeography

Many of us could do with a little education regarding world geography, and that’s where PlayGeography comes in. This is not, strictly speaking, an alternative to GeoGuessr, but it could be a good followup when you’re finally stumped and the app tells you where you are. PlayGeography asks you questions about world geography, including identifying countries and other features on a map.

3. City Guesser


It’s GeoGuessr, but for cities. What more is there to say? You’re put in the middle of a random city around the world and asked to identify where you are. Often, this is easier than GeoGuessr, because you can use signs and other context clues to figure out which city you’re in. However, once you’ve identified the language, you then have to decide which of many cities could be the one, which is tough.

4. Zoomtastic


Much like PlayGeography, Zoomtastic is another GeoGuessr alternative that helps you to learn world geography. This time, though, you’re put in a random location on the world map, which slowly zooms out. You must guess where you are, and you’ve got 30 seconds to do so. Eventually, you’ll be prompted with multiple choice answers, so you won’t need to do too much guesswork.

5. Seterra


This is another map quiz game rather than GeoGuessr’s street view-based approach. You’ll be asked questions about various things, like countries, flags, capital cities, and geographical landmarks. Maps are available for all of the world’s continents, as well as general world geography. If you get bored of map guessing, there’s also a human anatomy and science section.

6. Geotastic


Geotastic was crowdfunded, so you know there was demand for it before it even existed. It’s a multiplayer-focused geography guessing app, much like Hide and Seek World, but it’s got a full, rich feature set that means you could be guessing anything from country flags to landmarks. The model is free, but you can donate to keep the site alive if you like what Geotastic is doing.

7. Where Am I?


It doesn’t get much simpler or more straightforward than Where Am I?. This game simply shows you a photograph of somewhere in the world, and a world map so you can identify where you are. That’s it. There’s no more complexity to it than that. If you want a GeoGuessr alternative that’s as basic and straightforward as they come, then this is definitely the game for you, and there’s a lot of value in that simplicity.

8. GuessWhere Challenge


Unlike GeoGuessr, GuessWhere Challenge is only available on Android devices, so if you’re playing on desktop or you’ve got an iOS device, you’re out of luck, unfortunately. Still, this is one of the best GeoGuessr alternatives out there. It shows you a picture of a random place in the world, and you’ll have to guess where you are. More points will be awarded based on how close your guess is to the real location. It’s that simple!

9. GetLost


You’ll need to create an account to start playing GetLost (although you can also sign in using Twitter or Google if you prefer), but once you’ve done that, you’ll find a pretty solid GeoGuessr alternative here. Again, like GeoGuessr, GetLost shows you a random location in the world, although you can also choose to narrow it down to either North America or India as well if you prefer.

10. GeoGuess


GeoGuess is entirely open-source, and it’s pretty much identical to GeoGuessr in terms of gameplay. As ever, the goal is to figure out where in the world the app has put you, and to do so, you’ll have a photograph and not very much else. You can play this one alongside your friends as well, and you can also translate it into various different languages so that nobody gets left behind.

11. Ducksters


If you’d rather play some geography games instead of guessing where you are from a photo, then Ducksters will provide that opportunity for you. It’s essentially an educational site that hosts a ton of different geography games (and other types of games are available as well), including guessing countries and learning about world history. 

12. Lizard Point


There really are a ton of geography quiz sites out there on the internet, huh? Lizard Point is another site that offers the chance to learn about global geography and history. You can also make custom quizzes if you’re studying something specific, but if you’re not, then you can let the website decide what kind of quizzes you should tackle. It’s a solid educational resource you should check out if you’re geographically inclined.

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