2 Unique Ways Technology is Improving Business Life


In recent years, the rate of technological advancement has become rapid. Concepts such as cloud computing and big data were understood by a select few only ten years ago but now they are an important part of business across industries. Millions of firms now have cloud-based applications that drive a wide range of company functions. In addition, the latest technology can be utilized to allow staff to be more productive during their working day and communicate more effectively when adopting agile working methods. The leading companies are constantly evaluating the latest tech advances to ascertain if they will give them a competitive edge over their rivals and in the last decade, such developments have certainly helped to improve business life and working cultures. In this article, two unique ways in which technology serves to improve business life will be explored.

Effective remote working

One of the biggest changes to working life has been the move towards hybrid and remote models of working. For millions of staff, this was experienced for the first time as a direct result of the covid-19 pandemic. The global virus led to governments instigating lockdowns and restrictions on public movement, which businesses needed to adapt to quickly. Remote models of work could only be achieved and sustained using technologies such as online-based applications, home internet connections and a range of web-based video conferencing platforms to ensure that communication was still effective. In addition, collaborative platforms such as Trello and other project management software allow workers to complete projects and tasks without needing to be in a shared physical location. Remote and hybrid forms of work are certainly popular with staff. In a recent survey, 68% of American workers indicated that they preferred remote work to working in a shared workplace. Many staff report that it allows them to gain greater control over their work-life balances and save time that would be lost to commuting.

Less time lost online

In modern corporate business, almost every employee will use the internet daily. For example, this can be to access cloud-based applications, download information or conduct online research. Internet speeds have improved significantly since the advent of fiber optic internet connections. Early internet access often involved long periods of waiting and lower productivity when working online (especially on slower dial-up connections or low bandwidth broadband access). If your business has slow internet, it will dramatically impact the number of online tasks that can be achieved in a working day. You can learn more about upgrading to a faster fiber connection and how it will improve your business by testing the company internet speed. Slower connections will invariably cause frustration in the workforce, especially if they rely on high bandwidth activities such as downloading large applications or hosting large online meetings that need to stream video in HD or 4K.

To sum up

Technology has played an ongoing role in improving business life. The latest technology has enabled remote working methods to be adopted effectively and has given staff more freedom in how they approach their working day. Faster and more reliable internet connections have allowed worker productivity to increase and result in less time being lost when downloading or uploading significant quantities of data.

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