How Gadgets Can Improve Your Home Bar


Having a bar at home is a dream shared by millions. If you’re lucky enough to have one, then it’s only fair that you give it the attention it needs to fulfil its full potential.

The bar can be a great place for socialising with friends and family, or just shutting yourself off from the world after a hard day at work. Going to a public bar can be great fun. But sometimes nothing beats just having a few drinks in the exclusive company of your nearest and dearest.

Technology and gadgets can help make the experience even better. Here are five gadgets you can use to improve your bar area.

Make Drinking Fun

The bar is a clear indication that you want to enjoy drinking with friends and family. Creating the perfect setting with the best interior design will go a long way to helping. However, there are various gadgets and accessories to actively enhance the drinking experience.

Tech doesn’t have to be complex computing systems. A gadget may be something as simple as a versatile bottle opener. Similarly, you might just want a wine bottle drop stop to prevent unwanted spillages.

Whatever your needs are, you should embrace the various gadgets to improve your bar and drinking experiences.


Bars are a great meeting point for social occasions. Watching live sport is certainly one of those moments where group viewing is better than being alone. Projectors allow you to bring the big screen home and will make your home pub the perfect location for your friends and family to see the game.

Hook it up to a surround sound system for an added atmosphere. Once your home pub has the big screen, your friends won’t ever want to leave.


The Jukebox is a slowly dying trend, but it’s an absolute classic for the pub and bar industry. If you want to give your home bar the real authentic feel, then treating yourself to one is a must.

Modernised jukeboxes can be plugged into an iPod to play digitally stored music, as well as CDs. They sound great and add instant character to your home pub. Get the tunes playing and the bar is bound to feel that little extra special.


There’s a strong possibility that your bar is separate from the main property. Many home bars are situated in converted summerhouses. This is a great idea, but it does require an added sense of security.

Instaling a CCTV system is a vital step to keeping your assets secure. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. The added peace of mind makes this addition an essential for any home bar.

Appy Days

In today’s climate, there’s a smartphone App for just about anything. Unsurprisingly, there are several great options on the market to boost your home bar experience.

Whether it’s cocktail recipes or sourcing the best drinks ahead of your next trip to the supermarket, the growing market has you covered. Don’t be afraid to use this tech to full advantage.

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