PC Headset: Buyer’s Guide


With the recent release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, a game in which listening for enemy footsteps is a big determining factor of success, many gamers have decided it’s finally time to buy a headset. Gaming headsets are one of the most important accessories for the average gamer simply because of how much they change your experience- even if you don’t care about listening for footsteps, maybe you don’t want to bother your roommate while playing or would like to fully immerse yourself in your favorite survival horror game.

But with so many headsets on the market, which one is best for you? This buyer’s guide should help simplify the process so you can buy the best product at the right price.

The Budget Option: Sades SA-708

Sades SA-708Price: $17.99

Description: It’s an attractive headset that surprisingly puts out a good sound despite the price. It won’t give you the best sound quality that some of the more expensive options on this list will, nor does it have as many features, but it’s not supposed to- a budget headset for a budget price is what you’ll get when you game with the Sades SA-708. It’ll let you chat with your team and listen to the sounds of battle all at the same time, and it costs less than $20. Definitely the best choice for the gamer on a budget.

Buy if You: Want a headset to simply cancel noise, but not necessarily immerse you fully in whatever game you’re playing.

Amazon Reviews: A staggering 3,478 people have reviewed the headset, giving it an overall 3.5 stars out of 5. Satisfied customers praise the good sound for the price point, while the bad reviews list a lack of support for US customers and shoddy manufacturing (which seems to be for individual units, not the product overall).

The Average-Priced Option: Kingston HyperX Cloud

Kingston HyperX CloudPrice: $77.99

Description: Most average priced headsets are going to cost more than $50 but less than $100, and the HyperX Cloud falls right in the middle. It’s comfortable, it’s light, it’s durable, and it puts out a great sound- the only other thing you could ask for is full surround sound immersion, which this headset doesn’t offer… but everyone other than an audiophile will love the vibrations of the bass and the crisp high tones that the HyperX Cloud can deliver.

Buy if You: Have money to spend but don’t need 100% surround sound capabilities… This is hands-down the best headset on the market when it comes to price vs. value, and it makes a fantastic gift.

Amazon Reviews: Four and a half stars out of nearly 2,000 reviews (with 73% being perfect) makes this the highest rated product on the list. Positive reviews list comfort as the leading factor of their review in addition to fantastic customer service, while negative reviews claim that many units have less-than-preferable mic durability.

The Expensive Option: Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega

Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D OmegaPrice: $194.00

Description: If the price listed above didn’t immediately turn you off of this product, then this is the headset for you… because the price tag is the only major negative. An incredibly comfortable wireless headset with nigh-unlimited range and a ten hour battery life, limitless customization options and a full surround sound experience, the Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega is the PC headset for anyone looking for a fully immersive product that will last them a very long time. With all of that being said, it’s a risky purchase, which will be discussed below.

Buy if You: Need the best of the best and price is no issue. If you’re an audiophile that wants the best gaming headset on the market, this will serve your purposes.

Amazon Reviews: Because this is such an expensive product, a lot of people expect it to be perfect. However, as evidenced by the 21% of the total Amazon reviews, many consumers are less than satisfied with the overall durability of the headset. Individual unit problems are common on Amazon reviews, but considering only 36% of this product’s reviews are perfect, there’s a high chance that yours may be one of the unfortunate few.

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