The Dangers to Teenagers on the Internet


Being a teenager has never been easy, but the internet seems to be making it more difficult than ever. Here are the main dangers to teenagers on the internet that you should be aware of.


The internet offers a great way to meet new people. But this is often dangerous for teenagers who are vulnerable to people pretending to be someone they’re not. Online predators are very good at knowing how to befriend people online and manipulate them so to get what they want from them.

Most online predators prey on the teenager’s need to find someone who they can talk to. And they will probably be a lot more willing to talk to a stranger on the internet than they would in person. But that can easily turn into sexual exploitation. And if they meet in person, the situation becomes incredibly serious. So, make sure you know who they’re talking to and talk to them about the dangers of grooming.

Cyber bullying

Children can be nasty to each other, this is nothing new. But what is new is the role the internet plays in this process. It’s no longer possible for children to escape from bullying when they leave school. It often carries on via the internet when the child gets home, and this can be incredibly damaging.

It’s very easy to send unpleasant messages and even blackmail people using social media websites and email accounts. This is why you should make sure you monitor their use of social media and make sure they feel comfortable talking about cyber bullying so that you can stop problems as they arise.

Social Media Mistakes

It’s hard to keep an eye on what your child is doing on social media networks. But it’s vital that you at least try to keep on top of it. There are all kinds of things that they could do wrong. And some of them could be incredibly damaging for them if they’re not careful. There’s also a lot of content on social media sites that aren’t suitable for teenagers.

Some of the mistakes they can make without realising what they’re doing include giving out personal information on social media website and talking to strangers. They’re dangerous places for young people, so you need to be alert to what your children are doing on them.

Sexual Content

Exposure to sexual material is a huge risk for teenagers nowadays. It’s something that happens a lot though. It’s never been easier for teenagers to find pornography on the internet. And viewing this kind of content can be incredibly damaging to them over time. It warps their view of relationships and sex as they get older.

The best way to avoid this happening to your children is to have a good family internet safety system in place. This will block any content and websites that contain sexual content that is inappropriate for children. These systems are usually pretty cheap and easy to install, so make sure you use one.

These dangers are all very real. Being a teenager seems more difficult than ever before, so do everything you can to protect them on the internet.

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