The Most Useful Software On The Planet


Software is making our lives easier from every possible angle. It’s making our business and personal lives faster and more efficient. It’s making things that were once impossible, possible! Software gives everyone access to complex systems, which levels the playing field. In this post, we’re looking at some of the most powerful and useful software on the planet. We’ll start with a software category that is so useful, is actually saves lives.

Healthcare software

The entire healthcare industry is enjoying the benefits of sophisticated software. Inside the hospital, for example, software helps nurses and doctors keep complex patient records. Every result, scan, and patient history is easily recorded and accessed in one simple place. Software is also very useful in the caregiving industry. Hundreds of home care agencies are now using software for home health care. It helps them keep track of schedules, payments, and medication. It helps improve communication with patients, and streamlines their efficiency.

Business software

Meanwhile, in the business world, software is also boosting efficiency at an unprecedented rate. There are all sorts of business software available, but it all starts with modern accounting technology. The ability to manage accounts and bookkeeping is now easier than ever before. Not only that, but companies can use sophisticated customer relations software. This innovative product keeps track of every purchase, and every customer interaction. It helps prioritise your best customers, and maintain communication. Business software is helping improve efficiency and boost profits.

Multimedia software

The internet is now full of high quality photography, videos, and music. These things were once the preserve of trained professionals. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to create professional multimedia with software. You can create a powerful YouTube video all by yourself with video-making software. You can do the same with photo editors, and music production software. Much of this all comes free with an Apple computer! Photoshop, for example, has become an essential piece of software for every creative person.

Security software

We all know that the internet is a threatening place if we don’t respect it. Our computers and data are at risk from hackers, spammers, and intruder bots. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways we can protect our data. It all starts with good security software. It will include sophisticated anti-virus software and firewalls. This will keep out malicious bots and hackers. However, you can go a step further when it comes to data protection. You can install privacy protection software such as IP address hiders, and VPN software. This will hide your activity online, and give you true privacy.

Communication software

We now take much of our communication software for granted. Simple applications like Skype are used every day to connect with people on the other side of the world. It’s easy to forget what an enormous technological shift this software created. Video chat and instant messaging completely reimagined the way we communicate with people.

Software has the phenomenal power to change the world around us. It is doing so on a daily basis. Software is saving lives, boosting efficiency, and increasing communication. What’s your favourite piece of software?

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