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Twitter has blown up big time over the past few years. There’s no quicker, tidier and more effective ways to reach thousands of people with a single message. But how do you get to the point of reaching those people? It’s a question that confounds businesses and individuals on a daily basis. We’ve already posted up tips about solving this exact problem. However, when it comes to Twitter, you’re never done learning. We’ve compiled another list of great tips that might unexpected drive your numbers up. Just keep reading and we’ll have you reaching thousands more.

Twitter followersTake great photos

No matter what you’re doing, there’s always space to make your Twitter more eye-catching.  A lot of Twitter users share mediocre photos they’ve found elsewhere. If you really want to stop people from scrolling onward, take pictures that stand out from the crowd. Better photography equipment from camera stores can result in splendidly higher quality pictures. These in turn are much more likely to be retweeted and favorited. Capture your audience with beautiful images and they will always have a reason to keep checking your Twitter.

Trends are those hashtags and keywords that appear on the side of your feed when you log in to Twitter. They’re more than just a list of what gets the most ‘hits’. They show you what people are talking about, in terms of real conversations happening at that moment. Get involved in trends. By providing input that’s thoughtful or insightful can immediately catch the attention of everyone else in it as well. You can read more on this specific topic here.

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Know What’s Working And What Isn’t

Last time we talked about Hootsuite, which is a great tool for scheduling posts on Twitter when you’re not around. However, there are other tools that can help you greatly too. One such tool is SproutSocial. Perfect for corporations but also good for individuals, it allows you to get into the nitty-gritty of your account and see what works. See where your views and likes are coming from, where your traffic is redirected and how to take advantage of these trends. Understanding the content that’s doing the best for you is understanding which content will work best in future.

Keep The Content Coming

Even when you don’t have something specific on your mind, it’s always great to keep your channel open and broadcasting. Nothing gets you unfollowed quite so quick as long periods of silence. However, this doesn’t mean you should be just sending drivel out every day you don’t have something specific in mind. By all means, avoid the good morning posts as much as you can. They share absolutely nothing and have no real purpose. Use the time to directly contact your followers, too. This site has a lot of tips on the types of messages that you can send out in ‘dry spells’ to keep not only communication open but conversation as well. Just put some thought into it and make it genuine.

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